Greenwood Gone - Our First CD!

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Greenwood Gone is an eclectic selection of music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the Isle of Man.

May your listening transport you back in time until you walk again in the greenwood.

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Who Is Wren Song?

Wren Song is a Celtic band focusing on traditional Scottish and Irish music. Gaelic sean-nos style songs and Scottish ballads mingle in their performances, blending voice and bodhran with tinwhistle, harp, bagpipe, fiddle, keyboard, guitar and mandolin.

These family musicians are intent on drawing you into the mists of time to find connections with the past.

Adele began performing at Missouri Tartan Day in 2006, and soon her brother Leighton and younger sister Ness joined her.

Where did the band get its name?  In each of the areas that share the Gaelic language there are legends about the wren. Around Christmas time, people would go out and hunt the wren, and bring it home as the King of All Birds. There are a lot of songs and folklore connected with the wren, so that’s why we call ourselves Wren Song.

Wren Song's specialties are:  Celtic music, Gaelic songs, ballads & stories, as well as lore, and legends.

Our theme verse from the Bible is Jeremiah 6:16a

"This is what the Lord says:  'Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.' "

About Adele

Adele, along with her brother and sister, have Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Cornish blood in their family line.

Adele plays harp and tinwhistle. She also sings Irish and Scottish Gaelic songs in the sean-nós style, ballads in Scots and English, as well as Celtic Robin Hood songs

Her harp is a 24 string Brother Maynard model made by Dan Speer at Argent Fox Music. It uses bronze-phosphor strings in the Irish/Scottish Clarsach style.

She is learning Gaelic and also delves into ancient Gaelic. She has an avid interest in archaeology, ancient peoples, and ancient languages.

About Leighton

Besides playing his Great Highland bagpipe, Fireside bagpipe, keyboard, and bodhran, Leighton sings on many of the songs.

Leighton has mastered Blender 3D, zBrush, and other 3D software.

About Ness

Ness plays the fiddle exceptionally well and joins with Adele on the Gaelic songs.

About Robert

Robert is the father of the family, and helps out by playing mandolin and background guitar.

Like Adele, he is writing a series of fantasy novels. Based on the legends of King Arthur and Merlin, he has named his series "THE MERLIN SPIRAL", and his first book, MERLIN'S BLADE, is being published by Zondervan. You can visit his blog at the Epic Tales website where he is writing under the pen name of Robert Treskillard.

Current Harp Music

  • Robin Y Righ
  • The Leaves so Green O
  • Driedre's Lament
  • Eamuin A'Chniuc
  • Planxty Lady Wrixton
  • Quilty Shore

Current Songs In Scots Gaelic, Irish & Welsh

  • A Chailin Ailuinn
  • A Chomharaigh Aoibhinn O
  • Aililiu na Gamhna
  • An Canan nan Gaeidhial
  • An Chéad Suáilce fuair an Mhaighdean Bheannaithe
  • An Dhruimfhionn Donn Dilis
  • An Nigean Donn Og
  • Beidh Aonach Amárach i gCondae an Chláir
  • Bímse Féin ag Iascaireacht (I Myself Go Fishing)
  • Braigh Uige
  • Casadh an tSugain (Twisting The Straw Rope)
  • Caislean Gearr
  • Cean Ruadh air an Nighean
  • Chaill mo Lamh a Lus
  • Coisich a Ruin
  • Curraidh Eoghainn
  • Ddoi di Dai
  • Dheanainn Sugradh ris an Nighean Dubh
  • Dhòmhnaill An Dùin
  • Drwy Bach (Welsh Wrenning song)
  • Eamonn a' Chnuic
  • Eirigh Suas a Stoirin
  • Éirigh a Shinéid
  • E ha hao ri ó
  • Fhuair mi nead na gurra-gùig
  • Fiollagean
  • Geibh Sinn Riobainnean Móra, Móra
  • Gu Cuir nan Gobhar as a’ Chreig
  • He Mandu
  • Hi Rì Am Bo, hill ó ro hú
  • Inis Oírr
  • Is Truagh nach Bhfuil Me agus Cuil Tuibh na bPearli
  • Mari Llwyd
  • Meal Do Bhrògan
  • Mhic Iain 'ic Sheamais
  • Mo Rùn Air Na Maraichean
  • Mo Thruaigh Léir
  • Peata Beag Do Mháthar
  • Peigí Leitirmór
  • O Eirigh Me air Maidin
  • Oro mo Bhaidin
  • Òro Sé Do Bhéatha Bhaíle (Jacobite version)
  • Robin Y Righ
  • Sheatadh Cailleach Ruilleadh Cailleach
  • Shu la Ruin
  • ‘Sí Do Mhaimeo í
  • Tha Bainne ag na Caoraich Uile
  • Thuirt an ghobha ‘Fuirighidh mi’
  • Úna Bhán

Current Songs In Scots & English

  • Be Thou My Vision
  • By Landsdale, Hey Ho
  • Bold Arthur a Bland & Robin Hood
  • Good Wallace
  • Heilan' Laddie
  • Robin Hood And His Bride
  • "Robin Hood Robin Hood," said Little John
  • Robin Hood: King of the Sea
  • Robin Hood (Hobbie Noble)
  • Robin is Dead
  • Shaunnie o’ Braidalaw
  • Tam o’ Linn Rode over a bridge
  • The Wren, the Wren, the King of all birds
  • Three Ravens/Twa Corbies
  • Wexford Carol
  • Wren King

Current Instrumentals

  • Amazing Grace (Bagpipe)
  • Anything for John Joe
  • Boys of the Blue Hill
  • Johnny Cope
  • Fingal's Cave
  • Ger The Rigger
  • King of the Fairies
  • Mo Ghille Mear
  • Rolling Hills of Ireland
  • Scots Wha Hae (Bagpipe)
  • Scotland the Brave Medley (Bagpipe & other)
  • Skyboat Song (Bagpipe)
  • The Mountain Dew (Tinwhistle & Bodhran)
  • Tabhair Dhomh do Lamh

  • And many more tunes...

Old Ballads, History, Jokes etc …

  • Battle of Tranent Muir
  • Battle of Otterburn
  • Bold Archer (Archie O' Caufield)
  • Bonnie Dundee
  • Conall Craobh
  • Don Oidhche ud I mBeithl
  • Do Not Rub Your Eyes
  • Execution Of Montrose
  • Finn in the House of Death
  • Good Wallace
  • Hole In The Piper’s Bag
  • Johnnie Cope
  • Kinmont Willie
  • Lock The Door Larriston (The Raid Of The Reidswier)
  • Red Harlaw
  • Riddles from the Highlands
  • Rub Not Your Eyes (Highland Story)
  • Sean Armstrang (Johnnie Armstrang)
  • The Tale of the Tail (Highland Story)
  • The Three daughters of the King of Lochlann
  • The Wee Magic Stane
  • Why Little John is a Scot
  • Young Edward

  • Whatever else you ask for...

Contacting Wren Song

For scheduling performances, or anything else, contact us at: